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Xilisoft DivX to DVD Converter 7.1

This software allows you to burn AVI files to DVD
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A great number of DVD owners backup their DVD on a hard drive to make sure they'll never lose their DVD collection, but if a DVD breaks up, you'd probably like to burn a new copy to watch the film. Some online websites sell digital copies of films allowing you to download as .avi a film you bought, but you would probably like to watch your film on your TV. Xilisoft DivX to DVD Converter is aimed to allow you to convert or burn any DivX or XviD video files to iso or DVD.

You can even burn multiple videos to a single DVD, if the total size of the files is less than the size of your DVD. There although are a few problems that you should know of: the software only supports AVI files, it means your library has to be in AVI or you won't be able to convert your films. Moreover, there is no way to check what the result will look like: you need to convert it or burn it to a DVD to see the result.

Bottom-line: Great software but unfortunately only converts from AVI, overpriced for only one supported format.

John Static
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  • Supports multiple cores for faster processing
  • Can burn multiple AVI files to one DVD
  • Can create chapter and a menu allowing you to select which video you want to play


  • Only supports AVI files
  • Overpriced
  • Needs to be executed as administrator
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